Latest Market Shares and Comparisons: Wise vs. Revolut and Others

Latest Market Shares and Comparisons: Wise vs. Revolut and Others

In recent years, digital banks like Wise and Revolut have revolutionized the fintech sector, particularly in the UK, by offering innovative banking solutions that are entirely digital. These institutions have significantly disrupted traditional banking by providing more control, efficiency, and transparency in financial transactions.

Wise (formerly TransferWise):

Wise has made significant strides in the market, especially with its transparent fee structure and mid-market exchange rates for international money transfers. It caters to over 10 million individual and business customers, processing over £5 billion in cross-border transactions monthly. However, Wise services fewer countries compared to Revolut, operating in just over 70 countries.


Revolut, on the other hand, supports transactions to over 150 countries. It has diversified its offerings to include not just banking and transfers but also insurance, open banking, and investment opportunities. In 2022, Revolut generated £923 million in revenue, marking a significant 45% increase from the previous year, and boasted a user base of 30 million as of June 2023.

Market Position and Growth:

The UK’s digital banking scene has seen significant growth, with these platforms competing aggressively. Revolut has emerged as a major player, valued at $33 billion, positioning itself as the top fintech startup in the UK and the second-largest in Europe. Wise, though older and focusing primarily on money transfers, has also seen considerable success, especially with its public listing on the London Stock Exchange.


While both Wise and Revolut offer compelling services, the choice between them depends on individual needs. Wise is renowned for its simplicity and low-cost transfers, ideal for straightforward, cost-effective international transactions. Revolut, with its extensive services and global reach, caters well to those needing a more comprehensive banking solution, especially for international dealings.


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